Wrenctec oil change

Oil Changes are the most economical way to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is an important piece of responsible ownership. Next to a home, a vehicle can be the second largest purchase you invest in and you want to be able to enjoy that ride for a long time. Here at Wrenchtec, we take that seriously. We encourage customers to keep up with regular maintenance and that includes oil changes per your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. Each vehicle make and model has unique engine needs and our technicians follow these guidelines. Oil changes are typically scheduled based on mileage, typically 3,000 – 5,000 miles apart. However, if you have a vehicle that you occasionally drive the recommendation of oil changes is different. In this case, you should have your oil changed twice a year due to moisture build up and other changes in the oil that could damage your engine.

Maintaining fresh oil in your vehicle’s engine serves several purposes. Regular oil changes remove dirt & sludge that build up naturally in an engine. The oil in your engine keeps everything lubricated and moving freely, so maintenance is key. A well lubricated engine will get better gas mileage as it will run smoother and cooler with less friction. Wrenchtec understands the importance of vehicle longevity and we are committed to our customers to create a maintenance plan for the life of your vehicle.

Our highly trained mechanics located at our shop in Nazareth, PA have an attention to detail second to none. Since the Lehigh Valley has a unique weather situation, which is a bit harsh on our vehicles. We drive through high temperatures, low temperatures, snow & Ice. This change of seasons makes maintenance much more important if you want your vehicle to last a long time.

Schedule your appointment today at Schedule Service to have one our certified technicians maintain your vehicle with either a semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil change. Our goal at Wrenchtec is to always keep your vehicle properly maintained, and to prevent possible breakdowns in a fair and affordable manor, so you can enjoy your ride.