Wrenchtec automotive technician

When you are looking for complete automotive care, it is important to understand the difference in the type of work you want to have completed and match that with the correctly skilled person. At Wrenchtec we have professional automotive technicians. They are highly trained individuals, who are prepared to handle complex automotive issues that may arise with your vehicle. This can be anything from engine & transmission diagnoses and repair to complete exhaust or brake line replacements. Our state-of-the-art shop located in Nazareth, PA is equipped to handle anything you may run in to with your vehicle. When you compare the skills of a “mechanic” to that an automotive technician, there truly isn’t a comparison. A mechanic will typically handle simpler tasks such as changing oil, rotating tires, and changing brake pads. A Mechanic will usually not have the professional training and expertise that an auto technician has and will not be able to assist you with all your car care needs. When you want the work done right the first time, seek out a shop who employs professional automotive technicians. Sometimes a simple mechanic is simply not the answer. Our automotive technicians are here to help you with all of your car care needs, from simple to complex.

Through the years the term mechanic has become a generic term for anyone who works on your vehicle, and it can be confusing at times when you are seeking to have work completed. When we opened the door to Wrenchtec, we made a promise to ourselves and our customers to always be fair, and always do the right thing for our customers. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, you can rest assured that an automotive technician will diagnose your vehicle, and your work will be completed by a highly trained individual. Our commitment to service & quality makes Wrenchtec a trusted partner for your automotive needs, whether you work or live in the Nazareth area, we are here to help you. Our mission is to serve our community in a fair, professional way and help keep our customers safe. We look forward to serving you soon.