Family in vehicle air conditioning

With climbing temps this summer season it is important to keep your vehicles air conditioning in tip top shape. Not only does a cooler vehicle passenger compartment temperature make it more comfortable for the driver and passengers but it also makes for a safer ride. When a driver is too hot or becomes overheated you can become distracted. This can make a seemingly harmless summer drive very dangerous. When traveling with elderly or very young passengers it is even more important to keep the temperature at a comfortable level, they may not be as quick to inform you of internal body temperatures rising, especially when traveling to and from outdoor activities when we tend to overheat and possibly dehydrate. Many of us travel with our pets and they too can benefit from a temperature controlled vehicle, although keeping the windows down, does move air, the hot sticky, humid Pennsylvania air seldom offers a reprieve from the heat. Stay comfortable on your travels with a freshly charged AC system by scheduling a service visit today.

When defogging the windows in your vehicles it is sometimes necessary to use both the heat and the air conditioning to remove condensation. The humidity in Pennsylvania can be tricky to navigate when trying to start on your journey, and a properly functioning AC unit will greatly decrease frustrations of fogged windows and make driving much safer. At Wrenchtec we know how to keep you on the road safely and more comfortable at a great value. Our goal is to serve you better. We are loyal to our neighbors in the Nazareth area.

With any vehicle maintenance it is always a good idea to have your vehicles AC unit checked at the beginning of the summer season, it is easier to schedule and maintain your vehicles components and avoid costly repair bills down the road. At Wrenchtec we are always ready to keep your vehicles road ready for your traveling adventures. We have an easy scheduling system and quick turnaround to keep you safely on the road to your next destination. Our many years of experience with all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair make us the best choice for your vehicle AC repairs and maintenance.

We look forward to seeing you soon.