Wrenchtec Transmission Flush

At Wrenchtec we know your vehicle was an investment and it is important for you to keep your “investment” running smoothly. When we have your vehicle in for service, we make sure to check the overall system health of your ride and recommend industry standard maintenance services to keep your ride on the road longer. One of the most expensive and hardest working systems in your vehicle is the automatic transmission. Over time your transmission fluid degrades and stops cleaning and protecting the hundreds of moving parts. You may notice hard shifting, slipping, or chattering when this happens.

A transmission service is a factory recommended maintenance item, just like changing the oil or rotating the tires. It is something you should do while your transmission is working properly to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Think of it like exercise: We all know that exercise is a great way to keep our body in shape and it’s something we should do regularly. But if you’re having a heart attack, you don’t start jogging around the block – it’s a bit late for that!

Now that’s not to say a transmission service can’t ever save a failing transmission; sometimes it can – it just depends on what is causing the problem.

What is a transmission service?

During a transmission service, a highly trained Wrenchtec automotive technician will add a cleaning solution to the transmission and run the vehicle for 15 minutes to dissolve the buildup of varnish and sludge in your transmission. Then a professional grade machine is used to completely remove the old transmission fluid along with the varnish and sludge and replace it with new premium transmission fluid and conditioner.

What are the benefits of a transmission service?

After a transmission service is performed on your vehicle, you may notice smoother shifting and increase the life of your transmission. Remember a transmission is very costly to replace, so it is better to maintain the one you have.

How often do I need a transmission service?

It is recommended to service your transmission every 30,000 miles or 2 years. However, if you drive in extreme conditions you may need to have it serviced more