Wrenchtec Transmission Repairs

Listening to your vehicle can save you on thousands expensive repair bills. It’s important to pay attention to the sounds your vehicle makes and the feel of how your car or truck accelerates and shifts through gears. We all love how our vehicle runs when they are new or new to us. They are smooth and quiet to drive. As a vehicle ages and acquires more mileage, wear and tear happens on all components of your vehicle. Your transmission works hard each time you drive, and when parts within the transmission begin to breakdown you will notice changes in the way your vehicle drives and sounds.

There are sounds and movements to look for when you want to check on the health of your transmission. You may notice that your vehicle does not want to go in to gear or feels like it “slams” in to gear. It may make a loud noise when shifting or idling. You may hear or feel a grinding or shaking when driving. You could notice fluids leaking from your vehicle. You may also notice a burning smell. Your check engine light may also come on to warn you there is a problem. If any of these things, or in general anything out of the normal, happens with your vehicle, it is important to immediately contact a trusted auto technician, like the team at Wrenchtec in Nazareth. Catching transmission problems right away could prevent the need for costly repair or replacement. Also, at Wrenchtec we highly encourage regular maintenance, of all components of your vehicle, to all our customers.

In the event you need to replace the transmission in your vehicle, there is one trusted name, Jasper. Jasper Engines & Transmissions has been the #1 choice for remanufactured transmissions for auto repair shops for ages. They have been providing quality products and services for many years. Our team at Wrenchtec is very familiar with their products and has experience and expertise installing Jasper Transmissions. We stand behind our work and are very comfortable standing behind the Jasper name also. Right now, Jasper is offering a $100 off coupon for installation of a Jasper Transmission. Wrenchtec is gladly honoring this offer at our location in Nazareth.

Our mission is to keep families safe in their vehicles, riding with a bad transmission is not safe, please make an appointment today to have your vehicle checked out by one of our highly trained auto technicians. We will gladly do a safety check of your vehicle and recommend ways to stay safe on the road. The team at Wrenchtec wants to help you prepare for your summer travels, schedule your appointment online or call us today.